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Real Estate Photography

Make Your Listing Stand Out

Agents, we understand the difficult balance of marketing a property. In this increasingly digital age, people want to see what they're getting before they leave the house. You need high quality photography, executed quickly and professionally, often for multiple listings, and all at a fair price. Make sure that the photos you advertise accurately depict your property or product while enhancing its best features.

Complimentary Amenities

Lexicon Creative Photography is proud to offer some of the most comprehensive real estate photography services in the Atlanta area. 


All bookings come with the following amenities: 

All HDR Photos

All photos are HDR, layering exposures for the highest quality shot possible. 

Community Photos

Show off nice neighborhoods, community amenities & nearby attractions. 

Blue Sky Guarantee

We guarantee every exterior shot will have beautiful blue skies. 

48 Hr Turnaround Time

The faster the photos for the listing are up, the faster you can get the home sold. You need the pictures ASAP. We can deliver. 

Clear Windows

Retouches are included to prevent bright lighting from blocking out window views. 

Free Cancellation

We understand that life happens. Whatever the reason, we offer free cancellations & reschedules within 24 hrs of appointment. 

Special Offer:

Enjoy high quality and high value with $50 off all services!


RE Pricing

Most Popular


Grey House

20 Photos

$150   $100

Recommended for properties < 1,500 sqft

Good for apartments, lofts, and bungalows


Suburban House

30 Photos

$200   $150

Recommended for properties 1,500 - 4,000 sqft

Good for most single-family residences and townhomes

Best Value


Luxury Home

50 Photos

$250   $200

Recommended for properties +4,000 sqft

Good for luxury property, multi-family property, and acreage


Additional questions? Need a custom project? Reach out.

Thank you! We'll be in contact soon.
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