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Self Love Science Podcast


with Janice Cruz


Coach Janice Cruz is a self-development coach who focuses on promoting science-backed approaches to metaphysical practices. 


After spending several years building her community and personal brand through social media and workshops, Janice wanted a new way to engage with her audience. 


“The Self-Love Science Podcast” provided an opportunity for her to grow her community while providing valuable self-development resources.


We also recognized the opportunity to utilize the platform for lead generation and as a funnel to upcoming Zoom workshops and in-person events. 


Her goals for the podcast are to:


  1. Write, record, and edit podcast content on a consistent basis

  2. Grow an audience of engaged listeners

  3. Track podcast performance and gauge interest

  4. Funnel audience via additional engagement opportunities

  5. Build community via events and workshops


How Lexicon Creative is helping:


  1. Manage project through Jira, Anchor, and Google Suite

  2. Manage podcast Production Schedule

  3. Manage Publishing Schedule

  4. Plan and organize tasks for Zoom and in-person events

  5. Track and analyze podcast KPIs and event attendance


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