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That F.I.R.E



“That F.I.R.E Latina” is a brand dedicated to helping the Latinx community manage money and grow wealth through the Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E) methodology. 


The first way they are achieving this mission is by offering a suite of digital products for budgeting and financial planning.


Starting this product line from scratch, TFL needed to know what their competitors were offering and how they could set themselves apart. Two focus points were established: pricing and quality.


The goals for “That F.I.R.E Latina” are to:


  1. Evaluate competitors' offering 

  2. Develop and launch product

  3. Track and analyze performance

  4. Plan future iterations and new product development


How Lexicon Creative is helping:


  1. Gather information on pricing and digital product specifications

  2. Consult and provide creative direction on design

  3. Manage production schedule for product launch

  4. Track KPIs and provide feedback

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